Online Abstract Submission:

Please follow the guide below:

  1. To submit an abstract go to http://membership.isns-neoscreening.org/

  2. Click on “abstract submission”.

  3. Click on the conference for which the abstract is intended.

  4. Click “next”.

  5. Fill in the form concerning the submitter.

  6. If the submitter is the first author, click on “copy from 1.data”. If the first author is also presenting, tick the box.

  7. If more authors need to be added, click on “add+”, otherwise click “next”.

  8. Indicate the preferred way of presentation, i.e. “oral” or “poster”.

  9. Fill in the title of the presentation, preferably by copy-paste from a (Word-)document. Please use CAPITAL LETTERS,

  10. Fill in the contents of the abstract, preferably by copy-paste from a (Word-)document. Do not use capital letters unless in the usual way. Maximum number of characters, including blanks, is 1800.

  11. Click on “next”.

  12. This is the reviewing page where all data can be corrected, or data added.

  13. Click on “finish”.

  14. Click on “back to main screen” to submit another abstract, or leave the page.

  15. A confirmation email (from info@isns-neoscreening.org) will be sent to the submitter including a password token in case the submitter later wants to edit the abstract data.

  16. Take care that your webbrowser does not treat emails from info@isns-neoscreening.org as spam OR check your spambox regularly