Day 1: 24thAugust 2017, Thursday
Time Topic Presenter
8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.30 Opening ceremony / Introduction Chair: Erdenetuya Ganbaatar
  Opening speech B.Saranchimeg, Parliament member
Opening speech A.Tsogtsetseg, Minister of Ministry of Health
Opening speech G.Batbaatar, MD, Ph.D, Vice president of MNUMS
Welcome - ISNS Rodney Howell, ISNS President
10.30 -11.00 Tea/Coffee break
11.00-13.00 Session 1: Newborn Screening overview Chairs: Veronica Wiley; Gerelmaa Zagd
11.00-11.30 Plen1. The challenges of adding disorders to screening programs Rodney Howell, USA
11.30 -12.00 Plen2. Newborn Screening in Europe Gerard Loeber, The Netherlands
12.00-12.30 Plen3. NBS in the Asia Pacific region  Carmencita Padilla, Philippines
12.30-13.00 Plen4. Newborn Screening Worldwide: Molecular testing is becoming part of routine newborn screening Brad Therrell, USA
13.00-14.00 Lunch break and poster viewing
14.00-16.00 Session:2 Endocrine Disorders Chairs: Gerard Loeber; Adi Tan
14.00 – 15.00 Plen5. Screening, diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders with limited resources Paul Hofman, APPES
15.00-15.40 Plen6. Reducing false positive results for endocrine disorders Toni Torresani, Switzerland
15.40-16.00 Tea/Coffee Break
16.00-17.00 Session 3: Haemoglobinopathies Chairs: Dong Hwan Lee; Seema Kapoor
16.00-16.40 Plen7. A new CLSI guideline on Hemoglobinopathy Newborn Screening and the results of two decades of newborn screening for Sickle Hemoglobinopathies the US Brad Therrell, USA
16.40-17.00 01. Screening for Haemoglobin disorders - Philippine experience Carmen Padilla, Philippines
Day 2: 25thAugust 2017, Friday
9.00-13.00 Session 4: Country update of newborn screening progress Chairs: Carmencita Padilla, Bayasgalantai Bavuusuren
9.00-9.15 Improvements and problems in Malaysia since the 9th APRM Adi Tan, Malaysia
9.15-9.30 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Mongolia Erdenetuya Ganbaatar, Mongolia
9.30-9.38 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Bangladesh Mizanul Hasan, Bangladesh
9.38-9.46 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: India Seema Kapoor, India
9.46-09.54 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Indonesia Diet Rustama, Indonesia
09.54-10.04 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Korea Dong Hwan Lee, Korea
10.04-10.12 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Nepal Shrestha Laxman Prasad, Nepal
10.12-10.20 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Philippines Maria Melanie Liberty B. Alcausin, Philippines
10.20-10.30 Improvements, problems, changes in the last 5 years: Sri Lanka Sujeewa Amarasena, Sri Lanka
10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee Break
11.00-13.00 Session 5: Screening programme reports Chairs: Veronica Wiley, Brad Therrell
11.00-11.15 O2. Pilot Newborn Screening in Nepal Arti Pandey, Nepal
11.15-11.30 O3. Pilot scheme for the establishment of a neonatal screening program in the Democratic republic of Laos Thomas Hoehn, Germany
11.30-11.45 O4. 10 years of neonatal screening for phenylketonuria in Kazakhstan Gulnara Svyatova, Kazakhstan
11.45-12.00 O5. Long-term follow-up of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) therapy in patients with BH4 deficiency and BH4 responsive PKU (BPKU) in Japan Saki Ksauga, Japan
12.00-12.15 O6. Neurological outcome of adult PKU patients detected by NBS in Japan Kenji Yamada, Japan
12.15-12.30 O7. Some results of the first newborn hearing screening in Mongolia Ch.Saruul, Mongolia
12.30-12.45 O8. Implementation of newborn pulse oximetry screening for CHD in rural China Annamarie Saarinen, USA
12.45-13.00 O9. The prevalence of fetal congenital heart defect E.Narantsatsral, Mongolia
13.00-14.00 Lunch break and poster viewing
14.00-17.00 Session 6: Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Newborn Screening Chairs: Toni Torresani, Diet Rustama
14.00-14.30 Plen8. Screening and Diagnosis of metabolic disorders Veronica Wiley, Australia
14.30-14.45 O10. A novel method for inclusion of all urea cycle disorders into newborn screening Ralph Fingerhut, Switzerland
14.45-15.00 O11. Expanded newborn screening combined with second-tier LC-MS/MS methods Yosuke Shigematsu, Japan
15.00-15.30 Tea/Coffee break
15.30-17.00 Session 7: Follow-up of screening Chairs: Gerard Loeber, Mizanul Hasan 
15.30-15.45 O12. Molecular investigation in Chinese patients with short-chain Acyl-COA dehydrogenase deficiency Zhang Yanghui, China
15.45-16.15 O13. Enhancing Genetic Services in Asia Pacific Carmen Padilla, Philippines
16.15-16.30 O14. Iodine deficiency and iodine excess - Two sides of a coin Haseena Sait, India
16.30-17.00 Round table1: Proposing strategies dealing with the underlying obstacles, especially focusing on the continuing professional development Panel: Rodney Howell, USA; Erdenetuya Ganbaatar, Mongolia; Carmen Padilla, Philippines; Veronica Wiley, Australia
Day 3: 26thAugust 2017, Saturday
9.00-13.00 Session 8: Planning for NBS Chairs: Rodney Howell, Otgonbayar Radnaa
9.00-9.30 Plen9. Deciding on Disorders for inclusion Gerard Loeber, The Netherlands
9.30-10.00 Plen10. Strategies for overcoming geographical obstacles Maria Elouisa Reyes, Philippines Plen11. Building national QA programs in China - laboratory and non-laboratory aspects  Zhengyan Zhao, China
10.30-11.00 O15. Mass urine screening for inherited metabolic disorders using a reliable and inexpensive thin layer chromatography methodology Christiane Auray-Blais, Canada
11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee break
11.30 - 13.00 Session 9: NBS in Asia from Pilot to advanced Chairs: Brad Therrell, Agiimaa Dondog
11.30-11.45 O16. National newborn bloodspot screening Veronica Wiley, Australia
11.45-12.00 O17. Are we doin' it good boss? - Quality in newborn screening Rosie Junek, Australia
12.00-12.30 Round table 2: Discussion of strategies Chaired by: Rodney Howell, Erdenetuya Ganbaatar, Otgonbayar Radnaa
12.30-13.00 Session 10: Closing ceremony including prizes